Fall Term 2016

EC120 - Introduction to Microeconomics

Course Description

This course analyzes the decision making of individual households and firms in a market economy, with an emphasis on the use of the price mechanism to allocate resources. The course will include applications to relevant economic policy.

  • EC120 Course Coordinator
  • Instructor for section A

EC270 - Microeconomic Theory I

Course Description

An examination of conventional microeconomic theories which attempt to explain the nature of markets and the behaviour of individuals and firms. Topics will include consumer choice, the technology and costs of production, firm behaviour, competition and market structure.

  • Instructor for sections A and B

Winter Term 2017

EC248OC - Economics of Health 

Course Description

    An examination of the market for health care. Special emphasis will be given to health as an economic good, the relation between health status and economic well-being, market responses to the demand for health care, for the provision of health care workers, and the problems of health care costs and financing in a Canadian context.